About the club

Manchester Circle of Magicians was founded in 2002 by Derek Lever. Aided by his wife Anne and a small group of fellow magicians, the ‘MCM’ quickly became known as one of the best magical societies in the country. From its inception, the club has hosted some of the best magical lecturers & performers from around the world including Jeff McBride, Michael Ammar, Andi Gladwin, Joshua Jay, Greg Wilson & Luke Jermay and continues to thrive to the present day.


Join the MCM

Manchester Circle of Magicians meet on Mondays at our current home which is the Micker Brook, Cheadle.

Annual Membership: £30 only
Member Guests: £10 per visit

There’s no joining fee or entry exam. All we ask is that you’re at least 18 years old and have an interest in magic.

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